Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thales Touch by Sarah Pirrie

Thales Touch by Sarah Pirrie

Thales Touch
The sky was clear and beautiful; the clouds performed and made shapes that were seen from the ground. The
trees swayed, following the direction of the wind which was whistling throughout the grass making it looked
bent but still alive. The sun shone out like a yellow diamond leaving everything in its sight glistening, this sight
was truly something to behold, but there, standing in the middle of this beautiful view was a shop. And that’s
where our story begins.
Lavender was a sweet girl that was loved by everyone, everywhere. She had eyes that were hazel brown, hair
as dark as midnight and skin as white as snow. She was also kind.
One sunny day, Lavender went out for a walk. As she walked, she smiled at herself, for the view around her was
magnificent. “Nature is a wonderful present!” she announced. She kept walking and gawking around her, as she
walked the lane started to go narrower and narrower. At last, the lane stopped and there before her was the
Lavender got nearer and nearer and before she knew it, she was standing in front of the door. Lavender was
also a curious girl so she quietly opened the door. Inside was pitch black but there was a small distant light that
stood in the middle of the shop.
Lavender got more curious so she drew closer and closer. The light was shining on a piece of picture; Lavender
looked more closely and gasped! The picture was of used, collected bottles from Mangrove and paper ‘flow’.
Lavender was so entranced by this beautiful picture that she didn’t notice everything around her. The name
read ‘Thales Touch’.
After a few hours, Lavender looked at her watch and gasped, because it was already midnight! Lavender fled
home and kept coming back every day to stare at the picture and create amazing stories and images in her

Story by Frances Castro

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