Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Return To Nature through Beer Cans by Sarah Pirrie

Return To Nature through Beer Cans by Sarah Pirrie

Return To Nature Through Beer Cans
The bright yellow sun was hot, and the fresh blue water was cold. It was a hot summer afternoon down at
the beach. The waves came up onto the beach and washed up all the shells. I was in the middle of the summer
holiday. I went down to Queensland with my family. We were staying in a beautiful hut by the beach. My parents
were inside having a cup of tea, my older brother was visiting some of his old friends, and my dog had gone for
a walk.
I was building sand castles and decorating them with beautiful white pearly shells. Suddenly a beer can washed
up onto the shore. This beer can had bits of coral grown on it. I had never seen anything like it. I picked it up. I
started taking it to my parents. The coral suddenly turned into a beautiful purple rock with a heart carved in it.
Then just as I was about to open the front door, the rock turned back into coral.
I ran into my bedroom. I spent one hour trying to find out how to change it to a rock and back again. A whole
night went by. In the morning I was thinking about the purple rock when the coral changed into its rock form.
Later on I realized that it changed form depending on what object I was thinking about.

Story by Zoe McSkimming

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