Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Road Spirit by David Wickens

Road Spirit by David Wickens

Road Spirit
Hamy sat there, silently, like he did every other day for the rest of his life. All Alone, on a wooden square shelf
rusting away. Hamy hates his life and himself, made up of scraps found on abandoned farms. But he can’t die,
because he is a sculpture. Hamy was that upset that he got up and jumped off the shelf. Walking out the house
for the very first time. He saw kids playing tip, dogs on walks and cars driving past. It was amazing. Whenever
someone came near he would stand still and they would walk straight past him. A man in a black coat walked
by he stopped and looked at Hamy quite confused. His face lit up and he reached down and scooped him up.
He was delivered at a cold wet alley way. Hamy looked through the haze and he spotted a large building, he
stumbled away towards it. It was a museum. He stepped inside, it was filled with sculptures and paintings just
like him! A wide smile came across Hamy as he raced through the building to a small wooden square shelf.
Hamy sat there, finally he was happy.

Story by Mikayla de Ruyter

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