Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Secret Mouse Business by Kerrie White

Secret Mouse Business by Kerrie White

Secret Mouse Business
Once upon a time there was a normal mouse living in Jack’s bedroom. One day, on a full moon, Jack’s mouse
Squeaks opened the cage door quietly. Jack’s mouse went into the kitchen and got some mouse pellets.
Squeaks was walking back to Jacks bedroom when he was shocked to see the full moon shining through the
window. Then he disappeared to another dimension. When Squeaks went to the new dimension Squeaks
wondered where he was? When squeaks arrived in the other dimension Squeak turned around, he saw a big
fat, grey rat who was wearing big, heavy, shining armor. Squeaks then realised that he was in jail. Squeaks was
scared, Squeaks was wondering why he was in jail? The big grey rat told him he was too cool for rat world.
Squeaks was scared he said ‘’I will stop dressing cool if you let me go. PLEASE!’’
The big rat said’’ Fine then, be gone’’.
Squeaks was happy that he got sent home.

Story by Jessica Melenewycz

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