Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ngamaliya - The Dog by Ray Hayes

Ngamaliya - The Dog by Ray Hayes

Charlie Brown’s Adventures
Charlie Brown was just a normal sausage-dog. But one day he got struck by lightning! Whoa! The wasn’t
normal old lightning, the lighting gave Charlie Brown super powers!!
Charlie Brown woke up from the lightning but he woke up in what it looked like where super heroes would
meet. Charlie brown got up and walked around yelling HELLO! But then he realized that dogs couldn’t talk.
Then out of know where 5 super heroes walked out of the darkness and said “Charlie brown I am your father.
Not really but we need you to help us fight crime against villain’s.
Charlie Brown thought to himself “umm… well, I like being a dog. Just sitting around sleeping, but fighting
crimes seemed pretty cool.” So Charlie Brown decided to fight crime with super heroes for the rest of his life.

Story by Max Bowen

The Stranded
Boom! The fox ran through the street saying wait wait the fox only just made it to the rocket in time of we go
to the moon. Captain I need to talk to a friendly horse by Morse code.
We have made it to the moon, space suits on. It was cold and dark. The next day the fox found that he was
alone then he saw it the rocket was soaring back to earth they had left him on the moon.
HE WAS STRANDED he hurriedly wrote a note and put it in a bottle and sent by air mail (aka throwing it)
this is what the message said
Dear earth
I am stranded on the moon
And there is no way back if this reaches you
Come and help me.
Ps: I only have a few rations.
2 days later…
The fox saw a gold glimmer and he waited and waited then out of the darkness
To be continued………..

Story by Calan Pridham

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