Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sirens by Kerrie White

Sirens by Kerrie White

It was a very sunny day down at the beach.
The sun was glimmering and happily smiling.
Then suddenly a teenage girl called Sabell went swimming to play with her friends. The next minute her friend
Maredith went splashing in the waves but Sabell didn’t know how to swim and because of the very strong
current she couldn’t go to the shallow part of the water so Maredith splashed her arms and legs so Sabell
wouldn’t drown but unfortunately she did drown.
Another friend named Jessica said “I’m coming” but she couldn’t because the current was still too strong and
the current was pulling her behind.
Maredith said “I’ll get the life guard!”
Maredith got the life guard to dive deep down but Sammy the life guard couldn’t find the lady he went
swimming all over the ocean deep and shallow but there was nobody. As Sabell was drowning she saw a freaky
type of underwater city called Mermaidia, Sabell saw a quick sudden flash and felt the cold magic of something
unknown. She had never felt that way before; shockingly a beautiful blonde baby with a mermaid tail said “Are
you okay?”
Immediately Sabell screamed as she was wondering why there was a baby with a tail? What the! “How come I
can breathe and is that my mother I can see?”
Sabell swam and swam then a beautiful blue dolphin talked to her and said “welcome back princess Bell,” “my
name isn’t Bell my name’s Sabell.”
Well that’s actually what your grandpa calls you, but now you are here we must celebrate with your mother.”
“My mother, I thought she was dead? My grandpa is looking after me and my dad is dead as well.”
“No unfortunately your dad is the only one who is dead, after you were born you were a human and since
your dad was dead he couldn’t look after you and so your mother gave you to your grandpa, and your mother
couldn’t look after you because she’s a ….a …..”
Suddenly the diver swam deep and collected Bell and the beautiful blue dolphin swam away and she hasn’t seen
them since then.

Story by Jasmine Crossley

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