Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Elephants Could Perform On These by Tim Growcott

Elephants Could Perform On These by Tim Growcott

The life at the circus, a bright entertainment place, lay a girl, a miserable one. She had no place, no family
or name. But one nice friend named L.E. This L.E wasn’t a human. L.E was creature. A creature with a lot of
memory to remember her friend. This is where the story began.
L.E sprayed water everywhere, and started to practise balancing on one box. The girl didn’t know what the
box was. The girl started placing them, block by block. The tall boxes ended up being a tall tower. The tall tower
started to crumble, and then tumbled over the girl. L.E rushed as quickly as her legs could carry her. When she
reached the ruined tower, L.E tossed over box by box, but couldn’t find the girl. L.E was frightened.
Then, in the corner of her eye, L.E saw a hand. L.E tossed the box over and there was the girl. The one that
had no place, no family or name. The miserable one. L.E’s long nose tickled the girl. The tickle feeling didn’t
seem to work. L.E’s eyes started to water. It looked like a water fall falling onto the land. As fast as lightning, L.E
saw something. (A box was knocked over.)

Story by Ifa Shiddiq

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