Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Storm 2 by Yvette Martin

Storm 2 by Yvette Martin

Storm 2
Once upon a time a 12 year old called Jill decided to walk along the beach to go for a swim. The water was
crashing against the rocks, the beach smelt like sea water creating waves on the shore, all she could hear were
seagulls calling for hot chips and families having fun. It tasted like sand and as if it were the flavor of salt and it
felt like there were crushed mountains between Jill’s toes.
When all of a sudden a tsunami ripped through the beach tearing the sand from beneath and pulling people
and belongings into the ocean, the next thing she knew was that she was floating with the reef of the ocean. All
that was around her was dark blue crystal clear waters, and she had been washed away so far that there was
nothing but a life tube around her.
Then she thought of something………… Jill thought that if she swam to get the life tube she could start to
make her way back to her home town. Jill didn’t realise how long the journey would be but she didn’t care. So
she started traveling back quickly but carefully.
She finally arrived home and everyone was glad to see her and so glad that the town celebrated by having a
PARTY. When Jill got back she was hurt, and beaten up. She went to bed at night and woke up to find her bed
drifting in the ocean.

Story by Sarah Joanne Melenewycz

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