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High Flyer by Mary Norris

High Flyer by Mary Norris

High Flyer
A very long time ago in a peaceful old farmhouse, three cows were talking. Their names were Daisy, Jim and
Tim. They were wondering how nice it would be to fly. Then all of a sudden two strangers walked into the
barn. They grabbed Jim and put him in a bag. Daisy and Tim were mooing in panic for loosing Jim.
Meanwhile, Jim fell asleep in the bag, too tired to fight. When he awoke he found himself in the air flying
actually flying in a hot air balloon. While Jim was enjoying the ride a green and blue bird flew onto his back.
“Watch out,” the bird warned. “There are some poachers after you.” Then he flew away”. Jim looked behind
him and saw the two strangers that cow-napped him. They too were in balloons.
Jim looked around and saw an opening in the clouds so he steered the balloon into it. What Jim didn’t know
was that it was indeed a portal to a strange place called llamacornatopia. When he got there the llamas were
confused. Their leader stepped up, “Welcome”, he said with a grin.

Written by Isabella Materazzo

High Flyer
One amazing day there was two little friends named are Harper and Crystal and they were animals. Crystal
was a pig and Harper was a bird. They decided to go on little ride to the park.
Crystal couldn’t be bothed waking to the park so Harper went to this place where they sell air balloons. It was
five cents to go on it so Harper paid for it. Harper and Crystal went to the park and they were very happy.
Harper and Crystal stayed at the park for three hours playing.
After they finished playing the air balloons started to go off, it was midnight. Harper got scared. Their home
was two miles away from the park. The park was in their friend’s house Moo, she was Indian. Moo said “Do
you think you should be home by now?” Crystal explained to Moo what happened so she fainted. She told her
mum that their home was two miles away and that is why Crystal didn’t want to walk all over to the park.
Moo’s mum drove the girls back to their home, Crystal and Harper’s mum was worried sick about them
but Crystal told told them it was the air balloons fault. Luckily nothing happened to them. Then Crystal and
Harper apologized to their parents about going to the park without any permission.
The next day it was Harper’s birthday, they celebrated and all their friend’s from school came and they had lot
of fun. They went to the movies and watched (Never forget about your friend) and then it was time for their
friend’s to leave.
Later that day it was Crystal’s last day of the season. Crystal had to go to Magpie Island because her farther
had to work on a submarine. Harper and Crystal went out for dinner by themselves.
The next day Crystal left. Harper went to say good bye but they already had already left so Harper called her
on her mobile phone and said “Hi, how are you? I got you a present do you want me to send it to you? and
Crystal said “yes I do. You are such a nice friend. Thank for all you support you put in for me. Thank you, well
bye, see you next year”.

Story by Chianne Ryan

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