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Crocodile Hunting by Darlene Devery

Crocodile Hunting by Darlene Devery

Crocodile Hunting
One dark and gloomy day in the brown and sad mangroves, near the beautiful blue ocean. There was a lot
of thrashing and a noise that sounded vicious, angry and in a fighting mood. Ambrose the hunter thought to
himself what could be behind the bushes? Ambrose thought a bit harder, he thought why don’t you go and have
a look? Kevin, Ambrose’s co hunter, was standing next to him then yelled “No!” ...
“Why what’s the problem?” shaken
“There are crocodiles everywhere” exclaimed Kevin.
They couldn’t do anything, Ambrose had a good idea he had food on him so he thought that Kevin could feed
the crocs while he quickly looked behind the mangroves. Ambrose told Kevin his idea Kevin thought it was a
fantastic idea. So Kevin started feeding the crocs while Ambrose announced “There are crocodiles fighting”.
Now Kevin had a great idea I will be right back.
A few minutes later Kevin came back with a screaming pig. The crocodiles went silent one of the crocodiles
came out of the mangroves to see what there was to eat. Ambrose asked Kevin to let go of the screaming pig.
Kevin let go the pig was just walking so the croc quickly attacked it. Kevin said “now only one thing left to do
and that is to kill the croc in the mangroves.”
“Can you please wait here? I will go and get the gun” When Kevin can back with the gun Ambrose said “Pass it
here please.”
“Sure!” exclaimed Kevin. Ambrose went into the bushes and before the crocodile could bite him he quickly
shot the croc.
A couple of months later the crocodile was stuffed in a window as a display in the shop. There was never
another fight between the crocodile in the mangroves. After the busy day of work Ambrose and Kevin went
home and told their families all about their busy day at work.

Story by Ellie Clarke

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