Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Keep Off the Grass by Tim Growcott

Keep Off the Grass by Tim Growcott

Keep Off the Grass
During the year 2020 it was the war of robots vs. humans but 40 light years away lived a peaceful human his
name was Jack on an asteroid he called it the armored bunker. He only had a little bit of grass for his cows
to feed off so he only let cows on his the grass anything else would just be vaporized although he was pulled
around the earth by its gravity it was just able to orbit until one day he was hit by a high tech robo laser it
knocked him off orbit he went spinning and was out of control until everything went black “what w-w-where
am I” Jack said moaning. He looked down there was blood a red as roses, when he tried getting up he was
pinned down by metal hooked in the arm there was a little bit of grass left but then everything went white…
.”AAAAARRRRRRRHHHHH” Jack screamed huffing and panting Jacks mother came “what’s the matter’ “just a
nightmare” jack replied….

Written by Ethan Hee

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