Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Progress by Mary Norris

Progress by Mary Norris

The sun was shining, birds were flying and life began. Elouise started her daily routine with getting out of
bed…….which would take a while. Then she gets dressed. Eloise hated getting dressed because between you
and me when she was little her mum would dress her in the tightest uniform you have ever seen. Next she
would go down stairs and get a bowl of cereal with a silver plated spoon.
On this day, Elouise dropped her favourite silver plated spoon under the fridge. The fridge that has been there
for centuries and centuries. She had never looked under the dark, old, black painted fridge.
Well it was her spoon that she loved. She started to reach under the fridge and quickly pulled out her hand.
She questioned herself but she knew she had to do it. Again she reached her nice, clean hand under the dirty
fridge but she could not get it.
Then she decided to look under the fridge and what she saw next surprised her. It was a world of cleaning
stuff. Bottles, lights and other things. Cob webs hung everywhere. It was amazing. What was she going to do?

Story by Alanah Hardy

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