Monday, April 30, 2012


DEAF Space
April 27 - May 19 2012
The launch of the first edition of Sentenced Zine, based on a game of Exquisite Corpse played by the artists David Wickens and Coco Meacham, steps away from literal illustrative approaches to story telling. The game, following no set protagonist or narrative, creates a random set of sentences that can be read individually while collectively creating an undulating yet complete story. The artists, in response to the sentences have reinterpreted the words through their use of subject matter, symbolism, medium and composition. Creating unique worlds that capture both what has been written as well as what has been left unsaid. Viewers are also invited to participate in a game of Exquisite Corpse, which will last the entire exhibition, and form the basis of future editions of the zine.

Landscapes in Miniature

Landscapes in miniature 

Artworks responding to Michael Giacometti poem in collaboration with Wordstorm Festival 2012

April 26 – May 19 2012

Woods Street Gallery DVAA

1. Orogeny
Crush this mile thick sand
then tilt fold fuse — the scarp screams
silent syllables
2. Saddle
This ridge reclines
It climbs and declines
Strata and syncline
3. Scale
Miniature euros
bound pads unmarked on paper
4. Implied
These lines of contour
suggest landscapes of abstract
5. Here
The existence of
here depends on those peaks by
bearing grid backward
By Michael Giacometti
Siying Zhou


Lisa Wolfgramm

Sarah Pirrie


Kate Fernyhough

Alison Dowell

Marie-Lise Laviolette

Carolyn Bursa

Aly de Groot

Molly Bliss

Georgia Tomazos

Stantana Elsmore

Alison Dowell

Alison Dowell

Alison Dowell

Mary Norris

Mary Norris

Nicole Vandersteegen

Clare Smith

Marian de Wit

Bronwyn Dann

Bronwyn Dann

Artist @ Work 2012

Dear Art Educator

RE: Artist @Work exhibition

It’s inevitable. We all have to earn a wage. Sometimes, it’s not the way we’d like too.

DVAA is challenging your workplace to inspire your creativity. All we ask is as much time and materials as you can get away with.

DVAA understands NT artists are busy meeting increasingly high living costs. The Artist @ Work project, challenges the assumption that artists produce regardless of cost and other commitments. Most of us would like to practice full-time but this is often impractical, both financially and conceptually.

DVAA is committed to an inclusive artistic community, honouring all our artists. For us, contemporary art responds to the everyday, which includes the time spent at work. This project is specifically targeting artists who multi-task and have responsibilities that take away from practice.

Instead of despairing, we invite you to take a few moments in your busy work schedule to produce an artwork. Consider making artworks such as:

- drawing while on the phone
- sculpture from stationary or waste materials
- fax or photocopy as a stylistic device
- narrative based on junk emails
- post-it notes as formalist Abstraction
- silk scarf dyed with coffee rings
-document office event as absurdist performance
- installation of scrap art materials

If you are up to the challenge, the Artist @ Work exhibition will be held at Wood Street Gallery, opening Friday March 30 showing until April 21 2012. This DVAA Board Project is a fundraiser, the aim is to raise awareness of our broader communities creativity as a economic asset. As artist rarely price their work at comparative labour cost, this project will tally the total waged production time as a theoretical donation to the arts.

Please contact DVAA if you are interested in participating.
Artworks need to be delivered to DVAA by Friday March 23 2012.

For any further enquires please contact DVAA.

Kind regards

Jacki Fleet

Sonia Martignon

Gillian Mercer

Winsome Jobling


Aly de Groot, Jacki Fleet & Anna Reynolds

Yvonne Werner

Linda Joy

Zoe Crowder

Gayle Laidlow

Lucy Found


Rebecca Arbon

Aly de Groot

Adrienne Wade

Alison Dowell

Craig Smith

Bronwyn Packwood