Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Escape by David Wickens

Escape by David Wickens

20 Wishes Escape
Once upon a time there was a man called Arnold Hay. He had a horrible life with no money, no home, no job
and no family. He spent most of his time in the back alleys looking for food and shelter for the night to come.
People walked past spitting and throwing their rubbish on him.
One day he heard two people talking and they said, “There’s this ladder and if you climb it there’s a match box
at the top and there’s 20 match sticks in it. When you light one you make a wish and then blow it out and it
comes true.”
“Isn’t that only a couple doors down?” addressed the other one.
“Yeah but you have to be really poor and homeless to get in”. Arnold decided to go and get the wishes. He
stopped at the huge door that was blocking the path. The door suddenly disappeared and there was the ladder
but there were three ladders. Which one will Arnold choose? Arnold chose the right one and he was lucky
enough to get it right.
Arnold got the 20 match sticks in the match box. His first wish was that everyone would stop throwing things
at him and spitting on him. His wish went terribly wrong and everyone in the world disappeared, there was no
one left but Arnold. He used the rest of his wishes trying to reverse the wish but he didn’t know that once the
wish had been done it can’t be undone. Arnold Hay was left with nothing…

Story by Jack Hatty

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