Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Hero Fiction - Jonathon Saunders

DVAA's DEAF Space June 15 - July 15 2012

Jonathon Saunders presents a dispersed superhero narrative through gaudy stencil art.

Through a discontinuous and disjunctive narrative, the ‘story’ focuses on two Superheroes. Zero-Point, the spandex clad quantum superhero and Rand, a suit-waring vigilante.

The iconic look of comic book colouring techniques from the 80’s are recreated using stencils and bold, gaudy colours. Tight framing and close ups help to show a voyeuristic look at these Heroes and the world they inhabit.

The disparate structure and the open-endedness of the disjunctive narrative is meant to stimulate apprehension and arouse curiosity but leave the outcome and meaning of the story open to the viewer.