Tuesday, December 3, 2013

High Plains Drifter by David Wickens

High Plains Drifter by David Wickens

High Plains Drifter
On a little lonely planet, far across the galaxy, a boab tree de-rooted itself. It took advantage of the low gravity,
and started to search for another. The boab had been lonely for all its life, with no one to accompany him but
the fruit that grew, ripened, and fell from its branches. They didn’t provide much conversation as there wasn’t
much to talk about. The boab tree wanted to know if there was anything out there. The plains where he drifted
were arid and quiet. Very quiet. He also wanted to feel other emotions. He had never known what it was like
to experience happiness, joy or excitement. He felt like a black and white picture. All dusty, forgotten. The
boab didn’t take notice of the falling fruit. Two days of drifting around on the arid nothingness, a seed dropped.
Thinking it was another fruit, he carried on. Occasionally he passed a boulder. The boab always checked if
anything lived there. He was always disappointed, with yet another sigh, he moved on. One month later, he saw
a speck in the distance. Another boulder, he thought. As he came closer, he discovered that it was a small boab
tree. He felt like all the happiness that was locked away was released all at once. The big boab tree asked the
little one where he came from. The little one replied, “I fell from a drifting tree”.

Written by Isabelle Henderson

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