Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mum’s Backyard by Ray Hayes

Mum’s Backyard by Ray Hayes

Mum’s Backyard
One day I was a dog, my name was Wearer and I had a nice life until they attacked big foots. Run, I ran and
ran as fast I could. They were everywhere. They were scary so I ran so the city Los Santos. Dead people
everywhere I had a gun, a shot gun. I killed lots of them. To me they’re zombies. Then I saw my dog friend my
best friend his name was Andre.
He has been gone for too long. I thought he was dead but he wasn’t. I missed him, he helped me and Jake.
Then before I could close my eyes he got grabbed by a big foot I yelled out saying no why did it happen to him.
My heart shrunk my soul. It felt like I had died he was like a brother to me I said while I was crying then the
road fell and the world started to tear apart then I died with Jake also the big foots died too.

Story by Ahmed Jbaili

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