Friday, October 3, 2014

Watercolour workshop

Fabulous Day at Henry Smith's Watercolour Workshop
CDUVisual Arts presents

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CDU Visual Arts presents

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Moves and Marks

Performative Printmaking

Moves and Marks

Dance: Jenelle Saunders and Bryn Wackett

Live Music: Unden

Performance took place at DVAA Sunday 17 November 2013

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

DVAA Revisited

DVAA Revisited - Historical display

Thursday 7th - 29th November 2013 
The City of Darwin Community Art Space in the Darwin Civic Centre was transformed into a trip down memory lane with a collection of images and invitations spanning our 30 year history at Frog Hollow. We have trawled the archives and members’ photo albums to bring together a collection of memories to share in this display.
Just a few of the images from the display. 

Art Stories

Art Stories - collaboration with Corrugated Iron Youth Arts & Supported by NT Writers Centre

Casuarina Library all November
DVAA have collected different images from local artists, and through their connection with local schools Corrugated Iron Youth Arts facilitated writing projects encouraging students to write a story, or a response to the art works. The stories and images were on display throughout November 2013 in the Casuarina Library, with free postcards produced of the art works detailing a link to the stories on the internet. NT Writers Centre also supports this project. Postcards will be available at all DVAA anniversary events.

Storm 2 by Yvette Martin

Storm 2 by Yvette Martin

Storm 2
Once upon a time a 12 year old called Jill decided to walk along the beach to go for a swim. The water was
crashing against the rocks, the beach smelt like sea water creating waves on the shore, all she could hear were
seagulls calling for hot chips and families having fun. It tasted like sand and as if it were the flavor of salt and it
felt like there were crushed mountains between Jill’s toes.
When all of a sudden a tsunami ripped through the beach tearing the sand from beneath and pulling people
and belongings into the ocean, the next thing she knew was that she was floating with the reef of the ocean. All
that was around her was dark blue crystal clear waters, and she had been washed away so far that there was
nothing but a life tube around her.
Then she thought of something………… Jill thought that if she swam to get the life tube she could start to
make her way back to her home town. Jill didn’t realise how long the journey would be but she didn’t care. So
she started traveling back quickly but carefully.
She finally arrived home and everyone was glad to see her and so glad that the town celebrated by having a
PARTY. When Jill got back she was hurt, and beaten up. She went to bed at night and woke up to find her bed
drifting in the ocean.

Story by Sarah Joanne Melenewycz

Parallel Universes by Tim Growcott

Parallel Universes by Tim Growcott

Thunder storm
The sky was frowning at Scarlet, like a friend frowning at another friend. The chemistry between the friends
electrocuted the sky. Making the clouds start to become darker, and gray. Scarlet had been thinking about the
fight she had with her friend today at school. She was looking outside the window, her thoughts lighting up the
sky. She felt like she was sitting in the audience at the entertainment center. And the sky was the stage, making
a performance of a lifetime. She remembered the mean word her friend said to her. And the sky automatically
went black.
Scarlet remembered the actions her friend had done. These actions would separate their friendship forever.
Suddenly the black clouds started pouring with rain, so did Scarlet’s eyes. The rain came down faster and faster,
harder and harder the rain became. Scarlet closed her eyes title. Terrifying thoughts flowing through her mind.
Pictures flashing throw her memory. KRAK! Scarlet opened her eyes. KRAK! This time she heard the sound
and saw it. An extremely quick flash of lite completely lighting up the sky. The flashes of light stung her eyes.
She closed her eyes again, her friend’s voice echoing throughout her body. Making her heart skip a beat. She
opened her eyes. They were sore and stinging from the tears.
The lightening had stopped, the rain was no longer pouring, and it was little spitting. Scarlet breathed a sigh of
relief. She felt the slightest bit of happiness tickle through her body, electrocuting her brain to give her only
good thoughts. It had stopped raining. The clouds were gray again. And then as she looked up she saw the
slightest glisten of sunshine shine through the clouds. The storm was over the sun and was coming out again.
’Wow ‘’ said Scarlet excitedly. She stood up and moved her face closer to the window.
That’s amazing Scarlet thought. She was looking at a beautiful bright rainbow. Lighting up the sky with every
colour. Scarlet thought it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen nature do. The rainbow contained
theses colours red, yellow, pink, blue, purple, orange and green. Every colour had its own unique glow. Just then
Scarlet, realised that nature the sky had felt all her feelings and showed them to her. Trying to tell her that it’s
ok. Scarlet had no presence, the sky was her guide.

Story by Matilda Anderson