Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Old Mate by Ray Hayes

Old Mate by Ray Hayes

Fantastic 4
One dark night, in a mysterious town, with villains roaming in the street, there was a man who was a loner. The
man was looking in a car yard for shelter to light a fire. Then he found a 44 gallon drum that he thought was
The man’s name was Joth. He went to sleep near the fire and woke up to a BANG! It was glowing green with
dark bits in it. Then, when the mist cleared Joth was bright with radioactive waste on him. Then he died, he
collapsed then from the radioactive waste……. One week later he woke up on a golf course.
Joth suddenly woke up and was sore in his legs, arms, neck and body. He leaped up very fast and was walking
down the street when a person on a motorbike appeared. He had a blue suit on with red and white stripes
and on his back was a shield. The mysterious person slowed the bike down and once it got closer he turned
down a street then he ran after him. That is when he found out he has super powers the super power is where
he stretches his limbs. The mysterious man was David. David went to University to be a scientist so he studied
for three years. Three years later he passed University.
David made four suits that get destroyed. The suits can stretch, are fire proof, can grow, and can be invisible. So
he assigned four super heroes of fire, growth and invisibility they saved the world from super villains.

Story by James Jagla

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