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Erechthonius by Marita Albers

Erechthonius by Marita Albers

Blood and stones
In Teir castle, the witches of stone, otherwise known as the three gorgon sisters, were doing their work.
Medusa, the eldest gorgon had smashed her latest victim’s stone body to dust. The victim had been the mighty
Hercules, the strongest and greatest warrior in the lands. They had put the stones into a pot and now all they
needed was some gorgon blood – gorgon blood on the left side can heal anything and is the better side of the
evil gorgons whereas blood on the right side is extremely poisonous and is the most evil part of the gorgons.
They needed blood on the right side because it radiates pure evil. Mixed with the stones of Hercules, the
blood and stones will turn into one. Medusa handed a knife to the second gorgon, Erllec and Erllec stabbed
it into her left side. “No!” Medusa roared at Erllec. “What?” Erllec asked. The third gorgon, Trella yelled “that
was the left side, not the right!” “Does it matter?” asked the confused Erllec. “Left side blood would make our
potion… good, in a bad way” explained Trella. “Oh” muttered Erllec thoughtfully. “Idiot” Medusa laughed. Erllec
glared at Medusa. “How about you get us some blood” Erllec snarled. Medusa lunged at Erllec, and before the
gorgons even knew it, they were fighting each other like their live depended on it. The gorgons were immortal,
so none of the attacks killed them, but it still hurt them painfully. Some of Medusa’s blood spayed into the pot
with the stones in it and, despite the pain, turned to see what would happen. The devil spawn appeared. Sure, it
had the appearance of a baby, but the gorgons knew he was capable of more than any other villain there was
in the land. Suddenly, the gorgons noticed something. The creation was smiling and laughing. The smiles on the
gorgons melted as Medusa stood looking in shock at the blood dripping down her left side and the not-so-evil

Written by Balun Kirkman

‘Awwww’ I woke up with pain my husband lying next to me, helping me. It was the baby. I wasn’t ready for him
yet, I had no clothes, no name, nothing.
We got the ambulance and I rushed to hospital, I laid there in pain. There were no doctors, they were all gone.
It was like an empty haunted house. Then I saw a doctor. A doctor was here. She walked in the room and then
disappeared. Was she a real doctor was I just seeing things? I couldn’t tell.
‘No’ it was real, a real doctor! I started having the baby and with no fuss I was done. The doctor took one look
at the baby and said ‘no’ there was no hope for this baby to live. So I decided to take him and give him a hug
before he was gone.
I sat there holding him for a while, then suddenly his grey colored skin turned red and he started breathing, he
was alive that one hug warmed him up and kept him alive! So I shall call him ERECHTHONIUS!

Story by Jenayha Cotton

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