Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Great Day For It by Mary Norris

A Great Day For It by Mary Norris

A Great Day For It
On Sunday last week my mum bought me a spray bottle full of water and told me I needed to water the plants
outside but remember not to wet the cage. You see in the cage is my brother’s pet frog. The frog’s name is Plop
but you don’t say Plop you say the letters, P.L.O.P.
I HATE my brother, he never does anything for me and I have to do everything. I wanted my revenge and now I
am planning to kill his frog the stupid creature. Frogs may live in water when they are young but not when they
are older. When they are older they need to be damp but not wet and drenched in water. If I was gonna get my
revenge I had to choose the right day. The next time he tries to bully me he is gonna regret it forever.
After school today my brother and I got into a fight. He said I was ugly but I ignored it, then he punched me
and pushed me to the ground. Tonight when he is away from his frog he is gonna pay. I was very sneaky and I
put up a camera so I can see when he goes away from his frog.
All he does is play with his frog it is so annoying so I’m gonna flick on the TV. On the TV is my favorite show
but I can’t get too addicted to it. I took one glance at the camera I had set up and then he was away from the
frog. The bathroom light was on, now was my chance………..

Story by Karlie Haskard

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