Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Encounter Redux by Jonathon Saunders

Encounter Redux by Jonathon Saunders

Encounter Redux
“I don’t know how I’m going to get out of this one?” I have a gun pointed at my head. Before my brains get
splatted all over the walls, let’s see how I got into this position.
Six weeks earlier l was working as an electrician. A three year old boy put jam in a power point so I was sent
to fix it. When I thought I had fixed it I plugged the power plug in and got electrocuted and became Electro.
Before I knew it I was fighting crime. I had to go to a work meeting and I was tricked. So that is how the gun is
pointed at my head now. I am going to let you decide the rest.

Story by Ben O’Dowd

Encounter Redux
The masked hero looked down at the path, damaged and facing defeat opportunity emerged .The guards arm
was bruised badly as the blood dripping from his arm so the man in the suit moved closer and closer until he
was just above him. ’Let’s see who’s behind the mask ‘’ he chuckled. His hand reached in to take the hero’s
mask off.
Ahh!! He cried out in pain he twisted his arm backwards then KAPOW he we knocked out by a single punch
and on the floor with a bloody nose and a black eye ‘’the names nitro ‘’
He left the room thinking “where am I and what year is this, he wandered room to room but then at the last
corridor he gazed out the window shocked at what to see .he was in space .he heard something coming from
down the corridor, a robot!!!
He asked ‘where am I and what year is this’ ’the year is 3272 and you are aboard the space exploration of
Neptune …

Story by Raphael Thomas

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