Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Names on Trees by Sarah Pirrie

Names on Trees by Sarah Pirrie

The Crisis
Screams came from all corners of the country people ran in all directions, doing anything to get away from the
In the small town of Texas there was a boy who was doing his homework. His name was Andrew; he was a
smart kid who very soon was destined to put an end to 50 years of needless stealing. One day as he was
writing an essay, a letter appeared on his desk by magic. Very slowly he opened the envelope and read . . .
Half an hour later, he was on board a plane that was headed to New York, the city of crisis. The letter had
said to go to New York and meet an old friend on an empty lane at midnight, who would give him the full
cheese on his mission. Of course, Andrew was spellbound at the thought of participating in a real-life deathdefying
action sequence. Precisely at midnight the old friend met him on an empty lane, his name was Beck but
everyone called him B. “Hello Andrew,” said B “we’ve been waiting for you”. “Oh, umm, hi B,” replied Andrew
nervously. “No need to be afraid Andrew, I’m just here to explain a few things to you about the crisis,” said B
airily.”I do know what the crisis is, it happens every year,” said Andrew. B nodded signaling him to explain.”Well,
it’s when the leader of the goes into dept and has to borrow money from other states or cities,” explained
Andrew. “You are absolutely correct, but you failed to mention one important detail,” said B. “I have, what is
it?”asked Andrew. “Well then, allow me to fill you in,” replied B mysteriously.
Ten minutes later. Andrew was sneaking up behind a tree that had names carved into it. Those names were the
wealthy people who owed the leader money. Just at that exact moment it all happened. Andrew pulled out a
gun and shot a masked figure until he was dead. After that he knelt down beside the tree and sawed it off until
it was just a stump. All the screams stopped and the city was saved.

Story by Ella Goss

Names on Trees
One day at boring school my friends Max came to school. Hang on, something’s wrong. He’s got a crazy
hairstyle! Max was bragging to everyone about his crazy style everyone laughed. LOL I was in that situation
before and - but this is about Max you know that blonde kid…. When Max got home he decided to shave his
hair off. It didn’t want to go down the drain. So it strangled him when Max regained consensus he realized that
hair disappeared but left a nasty mark. Liking his hair cut everyone actually liked it. This was the making of a

Written by Jay Ruzsic

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