Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Captain Jack Crow by Marita Albers

Captain Jack Crow by Marita Albers

Captain Jack Crow
had a friend called Bro!
He had an artist face,
that he got from a place!
The place was filled with birds,
and there were some nerds!
The nerds do art,
and captain wanted to be in part!
The nerds said yes,
and they drew some nests!
The nests were filled with birds,
and that’s why he is Captain Crow!
Something was funny,
because he wanted a bunny!
The nerds said no,
and the captain went “oh!”
Days went past;
captain had to go at last!
The butterflies came
and surrounded them!
They wanted to stay,
but the nerds commanded obey!
They said yes and made a deal,
after they threw the banana peel!
They decided to live there,
and the nerds said that they need to talk with the mayor!
So they decided to go and meet him tomorrow,
after they find the map from kookaburra!
It was night when they found the map,
so they decided to have a nap!
It was 6:00 am when they left;
when they got there he gave them a gift!
After the deal they lived happily ever after!!!

Written by Jerushaprani Sebanesan Kathir

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