Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Beneath by Kerrie White

Beneath by Kerrie White

Five fishes swimming beneath the sea, one orange, two blue and two purple. The water was calm and nice.
The five fishes were the only sea creatures in the sea. When they swim they do cycles and waves and they
make patterns in the water. Small waves are in the water. These are magical fishes that can make patterns in
the water and small waves. The colours of the water is dark blue, it is amazing.
The fish swim away from the shore so they don’t get caught and touched by kids. As they were swimming
deeper in the water they saw a worm. One of the blue fish went to go eat it then the blue fish got caught
and the boat was going away so all of the fishes followed it finally it stop to catch other fish. Then the fish
jump into the boat. They walked on the tails. They got the other fish and walked back into the water and they
moved towards to the middle of the sea and stayed there.

Story by Katerina Taktikos

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