Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kangaroo Hunting

Kangaroo Hunting
We woke up one day,
And we felt a bit dazed
So will go out for a kangaroo hunt.
We grabbed a spear and we went for a punt,
We caught some big ones,
But they weren’t big enough.
We caught some big ones,
But they weren’t big enough.
We went back to our hut,
And we cut up the meat,
Then we had a big feast.
We went to bed and we heard some hopping,
We didn’t know what so we took a peep.
It was a kangaroo hopping outside,
We were to lazy get up so we stayed inside.

Kangaroo Hunting by Darlene Devery
Story by Andre Price-Quintner

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fishing by Bev Garside

The Fisherman
It was a hot dry day. We all hurried onto the boat. We heard gun shots everywhere. I was on a big long boat
with my 7 sisters, 2 brothers, my uncle and a few others. We had to leave quickly. It was not safe for us here
anymore. The army found out where we were living and they were on their way. It was only safe for our
parents because they’re adults and they could hide and blend in while we will be caught and shot if we are
seen. Vietnam was in the middle of war. The North and South both wanted to take over the whole of Vietnam.

Fishing by Bev Garside
Written by Thia Thai

It was a dark, gloomy night. The waves were crashing against the small boat. The ocean was washing away the
red paint, and the waves around the boat were bleeding heavily.
The strongest four men in the boat were pulling up the nets. Hundreds and thousands of fish, sharks, octopus,
squid and a bit of sea weed were scrunched up in the gigantic net.
The man that was not helping with the net, was the smallest out of all five men, spotted a baby dolphin on
the other side of the bleeding boat. It smiled at him and he smiled back. By now the crashing waves around
him were a colorful rainbow with reds, pinks, sea weed, midnight blue and the light of the torch that he was
It started to sprinkle rain as the sun came up but the rainbow stayed in the crashing waves. Now instead of
midnight blue the ocean was a gorgeous aqua green.
The small man looked for the smiling dolphin but never saw it again.

Fishing by Bev Garside
Story by Caitlyn Woodcock

Life’s Journey by Bev Garside

Life’s Journey
As the land awakens,
The moon falls asleep,
Our heart is still sleeping,
But not down deep.
A path travels a long way,
To where you’ll find,
Where the happiness is given,
To all the kind.
Let us hold hands,
To create calmful peace,
Into our bodies
As you please.
No matter what happens,
We will look out for each other,
No matter who it is…
Treat them like another.
Nothing can stop us
Even if we turn,
All bad memories
Will surely burn
Our act is written
Throughout many stones,
Deep into our heart
And into our stones…

Life’s Journey by Bev Garside
Written by Shevanie Thevanesan

The Storms Of Life by Bev Garside

The Storms Of Life
The sea threw itself against the rocks, wreaking havoc everywhere. The small boat was travelling towards the
black clouds, its passengers unaware of the swell. Captain Rhino was too busy captivated in a conversation with
Jack and Harry to notice. The small canoe, the Pearl, travelled nearer and nearer towards the eye of the storm,
rocking dangerously side to side. Only the old man John noticed the wind, rain and thrashing of the waves.
John dived into his ragged bag and pulled out a small life jacket. As he pulled it over his head, he shouted out a
warning to the rest of the crew, but it was too late. The unlucky sailors covered their heads as the sea let off a
great roar and started attacking them with its heart and soul. The pearl was thrown up and down on the waves
like the wildest rollercoaster ride. The temperature was freezing as the startling sea spray drenched the men.
As old man John readied himself to dive, a great lightning strike lit up the night sky and struck the middle of
the pearl, leaving the boat falling to pieces. The passengers were split apart as helpless as a dog trapped in fire.
As the captain and his mates were flung out of their boat, old man John dived into the sea, everyone greatest
enemy, bobbing away on the wind, never to be seen again.

The Storms Of Life by Bev Garside
Written by Chloe Shoyer

The Storms of Life
It was a cold and dark day which was ironic because that was the same way that Joe was feeling, as the police
officer told him the bad news. Joe felt a tear rushing down his face.” I’m sorry Joe but your daughter Sally is
missing” the police officer said in a calm tone. “No that can’t be” Joe yelled. “Well we have spotted her boat
and she was not there”. Joe was speechless he was stunned. “I have to go and get her” he said “no you’re not
at least not in this weather, she has been gone for week’s. I’m sorry to say this but it’s highly unlikely she will
live”. Joe suddenly left he ran to his house. As Joe opened the door of the living room he saw his family crying
they must have already heard the horrible news on the phone or something. “What are we going to do?” asked
Sally’s mum. “Well I’ll find her I’ll go to the harbour and hire a boat and look for her.” Joe went to that harbour
and got a boat and set sail. The police officer was right it was very scary out at sea. He called out Sally’s name
over and over for days and days. Joe had almost given up until he hear his name getting called out, it came
less distant as he reached this little island. “Sally I can see you “he screamed. He lifted her and took her to the
hospitable. “And they lived happily ever after” said mum.

The Storms of Life by Bev Garside
Written by Stella O’Loughlin

Swish by Clare Smith

Claudia and Maria were very excited about their trip to the hidden valley. “I can’t wait to see the shooting
stars!” Claudia said as she nearly exploded. “Don’t get too excited” Maria commanded with a slight sigh. Even
though she didn’t seem like it, Maria was very excited about seeing the shooting star for her very first time,
but because Claudia was only thirteen year old she wasn’t allowed to leave or go anywhere by herself
Claudia bursting with energy while Maria sagged along the ground. “How long is this road!?” Maria shouted as
she tired of walking. Claudia frowned as she told Maria she should try enjoy the experience, but all Maria did
was shrug and slightly nod.
When Claudia and Maria finally reached the end of the road, the path opened up to a large plane land that at
the far back there was a majestic waterfall will a small pond at the bottom. The grass was lush and green and
had an earthy smell of dirt, grass and water. The sky opened up and they could see the tiny stars twinkling in
the giant, dark night sky.
Maria and Claudia stood there in “awe” as they stared up at the sky. They could see the shooting stars shining
as bright as the sun, it was beautiful. Claudia and Maria looked at each other and smiled, this is what they came
to see and they were grateful they came to see brilliant night sky together.

Swish by Clare Smith
Story by Maria Kougios

I stand in the middle of the clearing, all I can hear is the occasional chirping of bird somewhere off in the
distance, but I know they’re there, hiding, the monsters silently waiting to pounce and kill me.
I sit down on the rainforest floor and try to think up a plan, nothing comes to me “why did I have to steal that
stupid emblem? All I wanted was to earn some money for my dirt poor family and I am now cursed because
of that!” Once I pull myself together I stand up and call out even though there is no hope of anyone hearing
me, the only person that knows of my gift is my mum, you see I can talk and see the deceased but only the
evil, they’ve been following me since the day I was born and according to them today is the day. I feel my heart
thumping in my chest, I have no idea what to do and I start to panic, I look everywhere, searching, I find a small
path leading out into the rain forest and decide to run for it, as I run I am partially blinded by my brown curls
flowing against my face, I run with all my might and I can hear them getting closer whisper “today is the day!” I
look to my right and see one last beautiful blur of green.

Swish by Claire Smith
Written by Emma Huntingford

Grove Hill Silhouettes by Clare Smith

Grove Hill Silhouettes
“Tag you’re in Serendipity”, I shouted. “Unfair you didn’t count
to twenty, “whatever, 1, 2…” tap, tap. Serendipity hopped up
from her hiding place behind the big carving table “what is
that?” she asked. I cocked my head around to face her “I don’t
Serendipity and I walked cautiously over to a square looking
object. It was a mirror box which was rusted. Serendipity’s
house was full of queer things but not things that made
tapping noises. It went tap, tap again, this box gave me tingles
down the spine just by looking at it.
I started to open it but then I saw two hands flash forward to
the object the box held. “She’s beautiful isn’t she?” squealed
serendipity. I turned to see her holding a doll to her chest,
she was right it was quite exquisite but it still frightened me.
Serendipity started to walk upstairs when I asked “what
are you doing aren’t we playing tag?”, “NO, that game is for
children” she snapped “aren’t we children though?” “Well
if you are you can play with Constance then”, Constance
was Serendipity’s little sister, ‘” no I don’t” I said following
Serendipity up the stairs.
“There you are, would you like to ice the cookies girls?”
asked Serendipity’s mum “NO”, “SURE” yelled serendipity and I at the same time. “But Serendipity you love
icing cookies what’s wrong?”, “icing cookies is for babies” Serendipity retorted whilst looking in the fridge, she
grabbed out a bottle of water and then walked into her room locking her door. I asked if I could come in but
she ignored me so I walked over to the kitchen and asked “those cookies sound like a good idea” Serendipity’s
mum smiled at me and passed me a dozen of the cookies and pink icing. “mmmmm, those were delicious thank
you very much”, I told Serendipity’s mum “you’re welcome, do you want to go see if Serendipity will come out
I nodded then walked over to serendipity’s room the door was no longer locked so I walked in, I couldn’t
see her, then suddenly “slam, ch,ch” I was locked in the room “aaaaaaahh” someone was screaming then it all
stopped I ran to the door and banged it “ help me, I’m locked in someone” I heard footsteps so I hid under the
bed the door opened I saw serendipity walk in “lala’s a child’s song, I’m coming to get you it won’t take long… I
know you’re in here come out come out wherever you are” then she bent over “well, well here we are playing
childish games.” That was the last thing I ever heard…..

Grove Hill Silhouettes by Clare Smith
Story by Gypsy Manley

Grove Hill Silhouettes
Lost among my thoughts
I walk among the cold damp concrete,
I enter the room with a chill up my spine,
I’m stinging on my legs my arms my body,
When will it stop? When will it go?
I keep her there by my side,
Never letting her go,
One push and she can slip away forever,
I stumble among the uneven bricks,
The wind howls,
The shutters close,
Why are we so alone?
The darkness awakes us calling us in their dreams,
She stops you falls,
With a cry of pain,
She’s brokenhearted,
Who is she without me? Who am I without her?
I look down I yell in fright,
The blood rushes down like a flowing lake,
Everything is silent like the world skipped a heartbeat,
Her leg is covered in blood,
There’s nothing I can do,
I hold her cool hand,
Kissing her Christmas cheek,
Finally she stops,
With a heart that’s stopped forever
We’re sisters for life

Grove Hill Silhouettes by Clare Smith
Story by Hermine Strohmayr

The Patron Saint of Desert Lady Love by Bry McVicar

Temple of Secrets
It was a cold, windy night. The street lights flickered on and off. The wind silently whispered to me. I can feel
something breathing heavily on my neck. I look back and form a silhouette of a tall man, and in the blink of an
eye he is gone.
I look down and notice my necklace with my key is gone. I rush down several streets. I find the man and dash
after him. Suddenly he throws down a device and it makes a portal. Unable to slow down I bump into him and
we are both knocked into the portal.
Suddenly I am launched head first into a stone wall and I hit the ground. I look around. There are cobwebs and
bats everywhere. I am in a cave. I reach into my backpack and retrieve a torch. I sit for a moment and then set
out to find an opening, then suddenly my torch turns off and I try to turn it back on but I can’t. I crawl into a
corner and I hear an eerie screech. Then suddenly I see an opening.
I climb out. The first thing I see is the giant brick castle. I look to my right and see him. The dead grass dances
in the wind. The trees are brown and have no leaves on them at all. This place is as dead as the Dead Sea.
I walk into the castle pursuing the man. Well lit medieval torches sit on the walls. A red carpet lies on the
cold, stone floor. I walk down the hall. Suddenly the torches burn out and I am left in the pitch black. At that
moment a knight in shining armor violently swings a sword at my head. I duck down and run.
I open the door and enter a room. I can see a bed with a mix of purple, pink and velvet. In the middle of the
room is a blank, circular tile. I walk on the tile and the entire room transforms. The walls are violently ripped
off and transforms into a vast expanse of desert. The once beautiful carpet turns into rough, yellow sand.
For the first time I can see that he isn’t a man but a kangaroo. My key dangles around his neck then suddenly,
he drops dead.
I grab my key and look around. I find a small cavern in a mountain. I fit my key into the keyhole and surprisingly
it fits. I turn the lock and open the large doors and I see the most amazing thing ever. I am back in the dark
street on that cold, windy night.
The Patron Saint of Desert Lady Love by Bry McVicar
Story by Jaydon Watson

Treasure Plague
The howls echoed through the night sky as the moon shines through the dark, desert sky as the animals slept
throughout the land. A plague swept across the desert as screams filled the air. Weird creatures came to help
but did no good, animals got taken away in strange things as it made sounds like a lion’s roar.
A jackal pup was born in an enclosed area and the child was elegant, gentle and whenever you saw her, you
would fall in love, so she was called Luna. Her mother died slowly, painfully, exhaustedly after 3 days had passed,
Luna cried for ages and because of it she had an antidote for every sickness except for 1, the plague. She
would need a key for a chest of spices.
The egar of this chest was growing every day, every minute an animal was dying sick or hurt. Luna went to find
the key; she looked at the streets, fields, seas and jungles. Luna was wandering over the plain, hot, desert land
and was dreaming of water, she had saw a temple and thought she was dreaming, Luna rubbed her eyes and
saw the temple and ran to it, she entered the temple seeing a chest and a key, she ran to it and fell into a trap
The Patron Saint of Desert Lady Love by Bry Mcviar
Written by Lauren Cohalan

There was a collection of assorted talents from far flung places by Bry McVicar

The Human Cat! Shemale.
One day there was a cat, he was like a human. The human cat was part woman and part man. The human cat
was walking in the park and sat down on the bench, the cats name is Shemale. Shemale saw a genie on the
bench, only Shemale could see the genie, but no one else could see the genie.
So Shemale asked the genie “What is it like to be a genie?”, the genie replied and said “IT IS AWESOME, do
you want to be one?” Then Shemale thought about it. He said “YES!” So the genie transformed Shemale into a
genie, now the Shemale cat is a genie. It looks so funny people nearly cried because it was so funny.
It has lots of jewellery; it looks like a proper girl.
It predicts everything; it makes your wishes come true. Shemale can get you anything.
Shemale looks weird……
There was a collection of assorted talents from far flung places by Bry McVicar
Story by Tahlia Jbaili

There was a collection of
assorted talents from far flung places
There was a collection of assorted items on a table, behind the items are hidden talents from a far flung places.
“Well choose one” said the man. “What ever for” said he-she cat, “Because I’m letting you ... you know this is
a very rare opportunity, I don’t go around letting people have my stuff for free you know” said the man “well
okay” said he-she cat. He-she cat chose a crystal ball and with it the he-she cat found a hidden talent .......
fortune telling. The next day he-she cat used the crystal ball on he-she cat’s neighbor who was having a bit of
trouble making the perfect pie, so he she cat helped him out.
Firstly he-she cat asked him what he thought was going wrong. “I don’t know” said the neighbor. He-she cat
looked into the crystal ball and closed her eyes and said “I see … your problem is … you put too much selfraising
flour in it.” “Thank you. I’ll go and make one right now.” Said the neighbor.
The next day he-she cat decided to put his talent to good use by going to the local homeless shelter. He-she
cat tested it on a random person from the homeless shelter. “Now tell me one of your problems” said he-she
cat. “Umm, it’s kind of personal, it’s about my family. I killed them all and I need some money” said the homeless
guy “okay” said he-she-cat then suddenly the homeless guy pulled out a knife and stabbed he-she-cat through
the heart “owwww” said he-she-cat almost dead “I didn’t do it” said the homeless guy “I just saw you” said heshe-
cat “well I didn’t mean to do it sorry should I ring a hospital?” said the homeless guy “Yes! Wait no need, I
have 9 lives any way”. Then they all lived happily ever after.
There was a collection of assorted talents from far flung places by Bry Vicar
Written by Lucy Van’t Sand

Sheet Metal Toaster by Al Oldfield

Sheet Metal Toaster

A long time ago there was a toaster. That was owned by a girl and her dad said she was special her name was
Claudia Taco Unicorn. Claudia loved tacos and unicorns she made her own taco toaster that only made tacos
and nothing else and if you tried to put bread in it, it will spit it back out. Claudia’s BFF was a unicorn named
Maria Lobster Karma Cheese ball. Maria had wavy rainbow hair.
One day Claudia got her toaster and Maria and went to the park with her picnic basket. Whilst Claudia was on
her way to the picnic spot she found a panda and put it on Maria’s back. Ok so Claudia then found her picnic
spot and sat down with Maria and her toaster. The toaster was so happy that it came alive and turned into a
taco. The taco was alive and could talk so it named itself Jerry. Claudia’s picnic was over and everyone went
home to relax and go to bed.
A week later on October 3, 2004 Jerry was taken by her evil brothers with spiky orange hair, yellow teeth and
doesn’t wear a shirt! Claudia got on her taco flying bike and flew to her brothers houses. When she arrived at
both of her brother’s house (they lived together) she smashed the door open with Maria by her side. When
they got inside they notice Jerry wasn’t there and that her brothers had hid it somewhere in town! So Claudia
got back on her bike and rode to the town it took 3 hours to get there but Claudia thought it was worth it.
Claudia and Maria got to the town and were going to the taco shop first and Jerry wasn’t there, they went to
every shop they saw and they saw nothing. But there was one they didn’t go in and that was the teddy shop
near the hat store. They went inside and saw unicorn with the unicorn teddies. They picked up Jerry and went
home it was a long way away but they were all happy they found Jerry.

Sheet Metal Toaster by Al Oldfield
Story by Claudia Brennan

Sheet Metal Toaster

One dark and stormy night young John was up late reading when a knock filled the room. John opened the
door and slap-bang there was an old lady with a dropping cape holding an ancient toaster. ‘Take this little
boy, take it now’ that horrible witch was saying. John explained that they didn’t need a toaster but she just
whispered ‘doom be upon you if you shall not take it’. ‘OK just give the toaster and get away from me’ said a
scared John. She evilly smiled and disappeared saying ‘good boy’. John put the toaster on the bench and went
to bed. Next morning his Dad asked him what’s that metal thing, so John explained what happened but Dad
just laughed and told him he was dreaming and maybe some fresh air would do you good. So they decided to
walk the dog to the park. Meanwhile the toaster sucked in a slice of bread and cooked it to flames and shot it
at the morning paper, making it burst into flames and set fire to everything. When John and his Dad got home,
or what was left of home they were horrified to see the toaster psychopathically shooting burning toast and
electrical forks at everything. Then John without a moment to spare grabbed a frying pan and started hitting
debris at the ‘toaster of doom’ as out of control as the toaster. John was an A grade cricketer and he smashed
an electrical fork in the toaster, causing it to short circuit and shutdown… …for good.

Sheet Metal Toaster by Al Oldfield
Written by Angus Gurry

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Octobox by Al Oldfield Written by Siena Miller

“look mother can we go to the new toy shop?” “Yes Billy but you only have a penny and a nickel.” “bye
Mother I’ll be back 1 hour love you.” “love you to, meat me at big Ben at 2:00, no longer.” So Billy went
into the toy shop. “WOW this place is awesome” said Billy. “Oh what is that?” asked Billy “oh that is the
Incredobox” replied the cashier. “cool how much will it cost?” shrieked Billy. “I don’t know throw a price at
me and I’ll see “ mumbled the cashier. “ how about 1 penny?” asked Billy “way too cheap!” yelled the cashier

Octobox by Al Oldfield 
Written by Siena Miller