Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Where I was

This exhibition focuses on the way some artists collect and document the objects and experiences they encounter in their daily routines. Artists use whatever tools are to hand to undertake this process. One of the recent developments has been the use of digital cameras and phone cameras. These, thanks to their immediacy, become ways of gathering, of discovery, and of becoming quickly aware of what is possible and what to privilege.

The mechanism for the exhibition is built around a group of 13 artists, each showing a set of digital photographic images. These images come from the individual artist’s ‘collection’, but are not finished or resolved artworks in themselves. The images are the result of the artists’ ongoing engagement with their world, and, directly or indirectly, inform their practice. The content of the images reflect each artist’s process and the language of their practice. Each set of images is presented in their own digital photographic frame. As the images scroll through on each frame, a series of internal links, or narratives, become exposed, both within the artist’s chosen set of photos, and between all the artists’ works.

A key aspect of the exhibition’s evolution has been bringing together the chosen artists, many of whom don’t know each other, to create a transient community in which dialogue and debate play a role. This engagement mirrors and builds on the kinds of exchanges that are at play in the exhibition.

Ready for the Floor - Anthony Spry

The title is from a "hot chip" song which has been my ringtone since moving to Darwin. The title represents the willingness to keep trying as you stumble over your mistakes, and when the dust settles you will be ready for the floor. Now that the dust has settled from our move from the desert to Darwin , I can look back at these works and see the happy accidents I made on the way.