Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Painting for MJ by Marita Albers

Painting for MJ by Marita Albers

Painting for MJ
‘Hee hee ha!’ High pitched voices; pushing any other thoughts from my brain. ‘Hee ha ha ha hee!’ Getting
louder and louder, closer and closer. I have never heard something so irritating. What is it? Is it the wind? Is
it just someone next door? Am I going mad? No. I can’t be. Think of something else. Something else! I screw
my eyes shut tight. Come on, Mia. Come on. Umm… think about… playing piano! My new piece! Doo doo…
doo… hee ha… doo. Hee ha ha… Oh no! Not again! I give up!
‘Mum! Dad!’ No reply. I call again. ‘MUUUM! DAAAAD!’ still, silence from next door. ‘HA HA HA, HEE HEE
HEE!!’ it’s so close… it’s… right… out… side… my… DOOR! I race to put on my warmest dressing gown
and slippers. It is not cold but I feel frozen inside. I am frozen by fear. ‘HA HA HEE HEE HEE HA!’ It’s creepy
just listening to the voices… in the dark… alone… in the… DARK. I press my finger on the light switch,
waiting for the comfort of the light. It doesn’t come. I rummage through my drawers for a torch… Ahh! Here
it is! I click it on. Yes! It works! Time to open the door… slowly… slowly… outside the door are… WOW! I
can’t believe my eyes! Hundreds of creatures. All different colours, shaped and sizes. I open my mouth to let
out a yell; but one of the creatures stops singing and puts one finger to its mouth. ‘shhhhh, shhhhh’ The rest
of them start crooning a lullaby. The creature shushing steers me to my deep, warm bed. I can feel my eyelids
drooping heavily…
‘MUM!’ My eyes flash open. I look outside; It’s morning. I can still hear the lullaby. Though they are gone, I can
still hear it. No one else in the universe will ever hear such a wondrous sound…

Written by Mia Mead

Once there was a man named blaster, he loved to eat dead fish. One day a Viking shield and helmet fell on his
head, and he became a Viking. Blaster was in love with a girl in his class named Lucy, but another person called
Kevin did as well. He was a big green monster, and Lucy liked him more. So then Blaster went up to him and
Kevin said “who are you?” Blaster stood up and spoke “my name is Blaster and I want to fight you”. So Blaster
and Kevin went to the fighting arena. Firstly, Kevin knocked Blaster to the ground but then Blaster knocked
him out and he won. His best friend was so happy for him. And Lucy loved Blaster.

Story by Mark O’Keeffe

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