Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Storms Of Life by Bev Garside

The Storms Of Life
The sea threw itself against the rocks, wreaking havoc everywhere. The small boat was travelling towards the
black clouds, its passengers unaware of the swell. Captain Rhino was too busy captivated in a conversation with
Jack and Harry to notice. The small canoe, the Pearl, travelled nearer and nearer towards the eye of the storm,
rocking dangerously side to side. Only the old man John noticed the wind, rain and thrashing of the waves.
John dived into his ragged bag and pulled out a small life jacket. As he pulled it over his head, he shouted out a
warning to the rest of the crew, but it was too late. The unlucky sailors covered their heads as the sea let off a
great roar and started attacking them with its heart and soul. The pearl was thrown up and down on the waves
like the wildest rollercoaster ride. The temperature was freezing as the startling sea spray drenched the men.
As old man John readied himself to dive, a great lightning strike lit up the night sky and struck the middle of
the pearl, leaving the boat falling to pieces. The passengers were split apart as helpless as a dog trapped in fire.
As the captain and his mates were flung out of their boat, old man John dived into the sea, everyone greatest
enemy, bobbing away on the wind, never to be seen again.

The Storms Of Life by Bev Garside
Written by Chloe Shoyer

The Storms of Life
It was a cold and dark day which was ironic because that was the same way that Joe was feeling, as the police
officer told him the bad news. Joe felt a tear rushing down his face.” I’m sorry Joe but your daughter Sally is
missing” the police officer said in a calm tone. “No that can’t be” Joe yelled. “Well we have spotted her boat
and she was not there”. Joe was speechless he was stunned. “I have to go and get her” he said “no you’re not
at least not in this weather, she has been gone for week’s. I’m sorry to say this but it’s highly unlikely she will
live”. Joe suddenly left he ran to his house. As Joe opened the door of the living room he saw his family crying
they must have already heard the horrible news on the phone or something. “What are we going to do?” asked
Sally’s mum. “Well I’ll find her I’ll go to the harbour and hire a boat and look for her.” Joe went to that harbour
and got a boat and set sail. The police officer was right it was very scary out at sea. He called out Sally’s name
over and over for days and days. Joe had almost given up until he hear his name getting called out, it came
less distant as he reached this little island. “Sally I can see you “he screamed. He lifted her and took her to the
hospitable. “And they lived happily ever after” said mum.

The Storms of Life by Bev Garside
Written by Stella O’Loughlin

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