Thursday, November 14, 2013

Grove Hill Silhouettes by Clare Smith

Grove Hill Silhouettes
“Tag you’re in Serendipity”, I shouted. “Unfair you didn’t count
to twenty, “whatever, 1, 2…” tap, tap. Serendipity hopped up
from her hiding place behind the big carving table “what is
that?” she asked. I cocked my head around to face her “I don’t
Serendipity and I walked cautiously over to a square looking
object. It was a mirror box which was rusted. Serendipity’s
house was full of queer things but not things that made
tapping noises. It went tap, tap again, this box gave me tingles
down the spine just by looking at it.
I started to open it but then I saw two hands flash forward to
the object the box held. “She’s beautiful isn’t she?” squealed
serendipity. I turned to see her holding a doll to her chest,
she was right it was quite exquisite but it still frightened me.
Serendipity started to walk upstairs when I asked “what
are you doing aren’t we playing tag?”, “NO, that game is for
children” she snapped “aren’t we children though?” “Well
if you are you can play with Constance then”, Constance
was Serendipity’s little sister, ‘” no I don’t” I said following
Serendipity up the stairs.
“There you are, would you like to ice the cookies girls?”
asked Serendipity’s mum “NO”, “SURE” yelled serendipity and I at the same time. “But Serendipity you love
icing cookies what’s wrong?”, “icing cookies is for babies” Serendipity retorted whilst looking in the fridge, she
grabbed out a bottle of water and then walked into her room locking her door. I asked if I could come in but
she ignored me so I walked over to the kitchen and asked “those cookies sound like a good idea” Serendipity’s
mum smiled at me and passed me a dozen of the cookies and pink icing. “mmmmm, those were delicious thank
you very much”, I told Serendipity’s mum “you’re welcome, do you want to go see if Serendipity will come out
I nodded then walked over to serendipity’s room the door was no longer locked so I walked in, I couldn’t
see her, then suddenly “slam, ch,ch” I was locked in the room “aaaaaaahh” someone was screaming then it all
stopped I ran to the door and banged it “ help me, I’m locked in someone” I heard footsteps so I hid under the
bed the door opened I saw serendipity walk in “lala’s a child’s song, I’m coming to get you it won’t take long… I
know you’re in here come out come out wherever you are” then she bent over “well, well here we are playing
childish games.” That was the last thing I ever heard…..

Grove Hill Silhouettes by Clare Smith
Story by Gypsy Manley

Grove Hill Silhouettes
Lost among my thoughts
I walk among the cold damp concrete,
I enter the room with a chill up my spine,
I’m stinging on my legs my arms my body,
When will it stop? When will it go?
I keep her there by my side,
Never letting her go,
One push and she can slip away forever,
I stumble among the uneven bricks,
The wind howls,
The shutters close,
Why are we so alone?
The darkness awakes us calling us in their dreams,
She stops you falls,
With a cry of pain,
She’s brokenhearted,
Who is she without me? Who am I without her?
I look down I yell in fright,
The blood rushes down like a flowing lake,
Everything is silent like the world skipped a heartbeat,
Her leg is covered in blood,
There’s nothing I can do,
I hold her cool hand,
Kissing her Christmas cheek,
Finally she stops,
With a heart that’s stopped forever
We’re sisters for life

Grove Hill Silhouettes by Clare Smith
Story by Hermine Strohmayr

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