Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Patron Saint of Desert Lady Love by Bry McVicar

Temple of Secrets
It was a cold, windy night. The street lights flickered on and off. The wind silently whispered to me. I can feel
something breathing heavily on my neck. I look back and form a silhouette of a tall man, and in the blink of an
eye he is gone.
I look down and notice my necklace with my key is gone. I rush down several streets. I find the man and dash
after him. Suddenly he throws down a device and it makes a portal. Unable to slow down I bump into him and
we are both knocked into the portal.
Suddenly I am launched head first into a stone wall and I hit the ground. I look around. There are cobwebs and
bats everywhere. I am in a cave. I reach into my backpack and retrieve a torch. I sit for a moment and then set
out to find an opening, then suddenly my torch turns off and I try to turn it back on but I can’t. I crawl into a
corner and I hear an eerie screech. Then suddenly I see an opening.
I climb out. The first thing I see is the giant brick castle. I look to my right and see him. The dead grass dances
in the wind. The trees are brown and have no leaves on them at all. This place is as dead as the Dead Sea.
I walk into the castle pursuing the man. Well lit medieval torches sit on the walls. A red carpet lies on the
cold, stone floor. I walk down the hall. Suddenly the torches burn out and I am left in the pitch black. At that
moment a knight in shining armor violently swings a sword at my head. I duck down and run.
I open the door and enter a room. I can see a bed with a mix of purple, pink and velvet. In the middle of the
room is a blank, circular tile. I walk on the tile and the entire room transforms. The walls are violently ripped
off and transforms into a vast expanse of desert. The once beautiful carpet turns into rough, yellow sand.
For the first time I can see that he isn’t a man but a kangaroo. My key dangles around his neck then suddenly,
he drops dead.
I grab my key and look around. I find a small cavern in a mountain. I fit my key into the keyhole and surprisingly
it fits. I turn the lock and open the large doors and I see the most amazing thing ever. I am back in the dark
street on that cold, windy night.
The Patron Saint of Desert Lady Love by Bry McVicar
Story by Jaydon Watson

Treasure Plague
The howls echoed through the night sky as the moon shines through the dark, desert sky as the animals slept
throughout the land. A plague swept across the desert as screams filled the air. Weird creatures came to help
but did no good, animals got taken away in strange things as it made sounds like a lion’s roar.
A jackal pup was born in an enclosed area and the child was elegant, gentle and whenever you saw her, you
would fall in love, so she was called Luna. Her mother died slowly, painfully, exhaustedly after 3 days had passed,
Luna cried for ages and because of it she had an antidote for every sickness except for 1, the plague. She
would need a key for a chest of spices.
The egar of this chest was growing every day, every minute an animal was dying sick or hurt. Luna went to find
the key; she looked at the streets, fields, seas and jungles. Luna was wandering over the plain, hot, desert land
and was dreaming of water, she had saw a temple and thought she was dreaming, Luna rubbed her eyes and
saw the temple and ran to it, she entered the temple seeing a chest and a key, she ran to it and fell into a trap
The Patron Saint of Desert Lady Love by Bry Mcviar
Written by Lauren Cohalan

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