Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fishing by Bev Garside

The Fisherman
It was a hot dry day. We all hurried onto the boat. We heard gun shots everywhere. I was on a big long boat
with my 7 sisters, 2 brothers, my uncle and a few others. We had to leave quickly. It was not safe for us here
anymore. The army found out where we were living and they were on their way. It was only safe for our
parents because they’re adults and they could hide and blend in while we will be caught and shot if we are
seen. Vietnam was in the middle of war. The North and South both wanted to take over the whole of Vietnam.

Fishing by Bev Garside
Written by Thia Thai

It was a dark, gloomy night. The waves were crashing against the small boat. The ocean was washing away the
red paint, and the waves around the boat were bleeding heavily.
The strongest four men in the boat were pulling up the nets. Hundreds and thousands of fish, sharks, octopus,
squid and a bit of sea weed were scrunched up in the gigantic net.
The man that was not helping with the net, was the smallest out of all five men, spotted a baby dolphin on
the other side of the bleeding boat. It smiled at him and he smiled back. By now the crashing waves around
him were a colorful rainbow with reds, pinks, sea weed, midnight blue and the light of the torch that he was
It started to sprinkle rain as the sun came up but the rainbow stayed in the crashing waves. Now instead of
midnight blue the ocean was a gorgeous aqua green.
The small man looked for the smiling dolphin but never saw it again.

Fishing by Bev Garside
Story by Caitlyn Woodcock

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