Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Octobox by Al Oldfield Written by Siena Miller

“look mother can we go to the new toy shop?” “Yes Billy but you only have a penny and a nickel.” “bye
Mother I’ll be back 1 hour love you.” “love you to, meat me at big Ben at 2:00, no longer.” So Billy went
into the toy shop. “WOW this place is awesome” said Billy. “Oh what is that?” asked Billy “oh that is the
Incredobox” replied the cashier. “cool how much will it cost?” shrieked Billy. “I don’t know throw a price at
me and I’ll see “ mumbled the cashier. “ how about 1 penny?” asked Billy “way too cheap!” yelled the cashier

Octobox by Al Oldfield 
Written by Siena Miller

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