Thursday, November 14, 2013

Swish by Clare Smith

Claudia and Maria were very excited about their trip to the hidden valley. “I can’t wait to see the shooting
stars!” Claudia said as she nearly exploded. “Don’t get too excited” Maria commanded with a slight sigh. Even
though she didn’t seem like it, Maria was very excited about seeing the shooting star for her very first time,
but because Claudia was only thirteen year old she wasn’t allowed to leave or go anywhere by herself
Claudia bursting with energy while Maria sagged along the ground. “How long is this road!?” Maria shouted as
she tired of walking. Claudia frowned as she told Maria she should try enjoy the experience, but all Maria did
was shrug and slightly nod.
When Claudia and Maria finally reached the end of the road, the path opened up to a large plane land that at
the far back there was a majestic waterfall will a small pond at the bottom. The grass was lush and green and
had an earthy smell of dirt, grass and water. The sky opened up and they could see the tiny stars twinkling in
the giant, dark night sky.
Maria and Claudia stood there in “awe” as they stared up at the sky. They could see the shooting stars shining
as bright as the sun, it was beautiful. Claudia and Maria looked at each other and smiled, this is what they came
to see and they were grateful they came to see brilliant night sky together.

Swish by Clare Smith
Story by Maria Kougios

I stand in the middle of the clearing, all I can hear is the occasional chirping of bird somewhere off in the
distance, but I know they’re there, hiding, the monsters silently waiting to pounce and kill me.
I sit down on the rainforest floor and try to think up a plan, nothing comes to me “why did I have to steal that
stupid emblem? All I wanted was to earn some money for my dirt poor family and I am now cursed because
of that!” Once I pull myself together I stand up and call out even though there is no hope of anyone hearing
me, the only person that knows of my gift is my mum, you see I can talk and see the deceased but only the
evil, they’ve been following me since the day I was born and according to them today is the day. I feel my heart
thumping in my chest, I have no idea what to do and I start to panic, I look everywhere, searching, I find a small
path leading out into the rain forest and decide to run for it, as I run I am partially blinded by my brown curls
flowing against my face, I run with all my might and I can hear them getting closer whisper “today is the day!” I
look to my right and see one last beautiful blur of green.

Swish by Claire Smith
Written by Emma Huntingford

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