Friday, June 4, 2010

DVAA launches blog

Darwin Visual Arts Association Inc (DVAA) is a community based arts organisation dedicated to supporting the production, promotion and appreciation of visual art by local artists in all media, as well as increasing public awareness and audience participation in contemporary visual art in Darwin.

DVAA administers the following facilities and resources:

· Four affordable artists’ studios are available to DVAA members each providing excellent working conditions including air-conditioning and fan. Two of the studios have refrigerators and separate storage areas.

· The Woods Street Gallery, our main gallery offers an exhibiting space of a very high standard, encouraging a professional attitude towards the exhibition and promotion of art work

· Darwin Experimental Arts Foundation (DEAF) Space provides an alternative smaller and more casual exhibiting space encouraging works of an experimental nature.

DVAA also provides a support network aimed at providing relevant information to visual artists as well as providing assistance when required with funding and other applications. DVAA’S services are aimed at fostering ongoing artistic innovation and professional development for all artists in a supportive environment.

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